The Bacanora Story

The History of Bacanora.
A 300 Year-old Tradition.

Bacanora takes its name from the small town in Sonora where it was first distilled 300 years ago.

1915 Prohibition.

Bacanora’s extreme popularity didn’t sit well with the conservative Governor of Sonora who declared the spirit hedonistic and immoral and banned it’s product and consumption. Anyone caught drinking or distilling Bacanora faced imprisonment or even hanging. Bacanora was driven completely underground and almost disappeared.

The Sonoran Secret Rediscovered.

While the ban was finally lifted in 1992, Bacanora remained almost completely unknown outside of Sonora until Mel Abert Jr. discovered a bottle in small, dusty liquor store in the town of San Carlos. Intrigued, he tasted it, liked it and wondered why he’d never heard of it before. He asked around and learned Bacanora had a colorful history and was rarely exported outside of Sonora. And so, Novel Spirits Collection was born: an import company devoted to bringing this unique and rare spirit directly to discerning agave aficionados like you. Stepping out of the shadows and taking center stage.