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Novel Spirits Collection has researched, tasted and curated the finest Bacanora expressions available. All our offerings are hand-crafted by artisanal distillers in Sonora, Mexico.

Pascola Bacanora


This award winning Bacanora is clean and clear on the nose, this expression starts strong with intense notes of pepper and agave sugar. Expect an aroma of mesquite smoke and a long smooth aftertaste that lingers on the palate. This Pascola Silver is best sipped neat or on the rocks or blended perfectly with tonic and hibiscus.
This award winning light brown Bacanora is aged six months to create an exotic, intriguing sensation on the palate. The earthy smokiness of roasted agave mingles beautifully with notes of oak wood and sugar. Try this thrilling blend of flavors on the rocks or mixed with fruit juice and club soda. Click here to order online.
This award winning Bacanora is carefully aged for twelve months, Our Reserva has a medium brown color and boasts a decadent bouquet of rich mesquite smoke, vanilla and caramel that dances on the taste buds. Simultaneously full-bodied and smooth, this expression is best sipped neat or on the rocks.
314 Hueallas Bacanora


This Plata has a smooth mouth feel like wine but delivers a bold bouquet of fruit, smoke and white pepper. Expect a delicate sugar aftertaste and a silky finish. This expression is equally enjoyable on the rocks or blended with club soda and lime.
Smooth with a light brown color, this Oro starts sweet before giving way to mesquite smoke, vanilla and cashew nuts. The six month aging process ensures consistent character and flavor that comes to life over ice or as part of a grapefruit-flavored cocktail.