You’re Going to Love It!​

Today Mexican Agave-based spirits, Tequila, Mezcal, Raicilla, and Sotol are breaking onto the restaurant and bar menus in a big way being served on their own or served in cocktails. The time is right to make a major push in building consumer awareness for Bacanora.

The impact of building the consumer awareness of Bacanora will increase sales tremendously and benefit the people of Sonora by reviving an industry that can contribute significantly to the state’s economic welfare. Specifically, in London tasting tours, festivals and specialty cocktail bars are now popping up all over the country. Sales of Agave-based alcohol have rocketed from 58 million dollars to 221 million dollars, an increase of 381% in just two years. Novel Spirits has been working on its own for over two years introducing Bacanora to the London market and has determined the market is ripe for introducing Bacanora in a big way.  Our future lies in building on our successes in London and expanding distribution into Europe and the United states. Adelante!

“Bacanora is the Agave Spirit Millennials have been looking for. It’s the missing link between Tequila & Mezcal. It tastes better thanTequila, but it’s way friendlier than Mezcal. And we’re very, very into it!” — Bon Appetit, July 2015